Instructional Technology QuickStart


Canvas is a course management system that allows instructors to make course materials and resources readily available to students via the web and to engage students in online collaboration projects. With Canvas, you can post online presentations, create podcasts, use discussion boards, and even conference with your students over the web. Related links:


Blackboard Collaborate extends the collaboration tools within our learning management system to allow for synchronous web virtual classroom environments. It can also be used for study sessions, tutorials, office hours or even guest lecturers. Beyond the classroom, Collaborate can be used by faculty and staff to conduct meetings or have presentations online. Related links:

Recording Lectures

A podcast is an audio recording that may be shared over the Internet. Using the podcasting building block in Blackboard and the free, open-source recording software like Audacity, faculty can distribute audio lectures to their students, who can manage these files in iTunes. Related links:

Recording Narration in PowerPoint

In Microsoft PowerPoint, users may record slide-by-slide narration using an inexpensive microphone or headset and upload their presentations to Blackboard, making it easy for students to revisit presentations online at their own convenience. Related links:

Electronic Reserves

Copied materials (journal articles, exams, class notes, etc.) may be placed on Electronic Reserve. For more information or questions about reserve services, contact Brenda Anderson. Related links:

Online Library Resources

The best way to access the libraries' electronic resources (resources that can be searched for articles and other types of information on a wide variety of topics) is to visit the Electronic Resources Search page below. With this tool, you can find all of the electronic resources within specific content areas or you can search for resources of particular interest. Authentication for off-campus access to these resources is also provided through this tool. Related links: