Personal & Academic Web Sites

Baylor University has partnered with CampusPress (also known as Edublogs) to provide two WordPress networks in support of personal and academic web sites for faculty, staff, and students. WordPress is a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use content management system (CMS) capable of providing simple personal pages for faculty to very elaborate, academically oriented project sites. Both networks rely on single-sign on (SSO) authentication to allow the use of Bear_ID (firstname_lastname) and password.

This network is dedicated to hosting various web sites for faculty and staff only. Faculty and staff who login to this network (click the "Site Login" link on the main page) will automatically have a user account and personal web site created for them. The sitename will be based on the user's Bear_ID (for example, To request a custom sitename or to request that a student have access to your site, please contact the Help Desk at (254)710-HELP or email helpdesk(at)

This network may be used for the following types of sites:

  • Personal homepages containing bios, CVs, resumes, etc.
  • Lab or group web sites often popular in the science disciplines
  • Special project sites

While this network may also be used by faculty and staff, its primary purpose is to support academic blogging and special project sites for undergraduate and graduate students. To learn how to get a site in this system or request sites for your students, please visit our site registration instructions page.


While the underlying architecture of both of these systems is WordPress, the functionality of CampusPress's networks are highly customized to suit the needs of colleges and universities. We therefore recommend using The Edublogs User Guide to get the most accurate information about how to operate your site. Users may also contact CampusPress after hours via email support to get assistance.

Video Tutorials

We have created video tutorials that will help with the basics of setting up and creating a blog/site.



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Adding Content to Your Site: