Presentation Classrooms

To create outstanding academic facilities that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing, we believe we must start with excellent design. CTS coordinates design for technology spaces that may include experienced personnel within CTS, professionals in Baylor Facilities Services, and designers from outside the University. The following design services for technology classrooms, computer labs, and other spaces involving technology are available from CTS:

Project management
Room layout and space planning
Room finishes consulting
Technology systems design
Equipment specification
Integration with existing technology classroom infrastructure

CTS trains for, supports and maintains more than 400 technology classrooms and portable systems across campus. The majority of these systems include a display, computer, and sound systems. Others also include document camera, Apple TV, and control systems. Faculty and presenters make use of PowerPoint, Canvas, and web pages along with other tools in the classroom for teaching purposes. Our goal is to achieve maximum up time for all equipment in all classrooms so that faculty have a full array of technology available to assist them rather than being hindered by inoperable equipment.


CTS offers training for presentation technology classrooms to first-time users as well those who have previously used the equipment. Training is provided for individuals, small groups or entire departments depending on the need. Training is also provided for Baylor sponsored student organizations that use some of the technology facilities. If you would like to request training on this equipment, please contact us at


CTS aims to respond quickly to all problems that arise with presentation technology classrooms. Instructors needing immediate assistance can reach us during normal business hours on our support hotline at 254-307-1614. If the problem cannot be fixed right away, CTS will attempt to resolve the problem at the first available block of time between classes or provide a temporary solution to allow continued operation in a classroom.

Routine maintenance checks

To minimize the number of emergency calls, CTS conducts routine checks of all the technology classrooms. On a regular schedule, each room is checked, with the technician testing every connection and each piece of equipment. The technician also checks the lamp hours on the projector and records the information into the classroom technology database. CTS tracks lamp life so that we can schedule projector lamp changes prior to exhausting the lamp life, thereby averting an emergency situation with the projector.

Other services

CTS is pleased to make available the following additional services to academic departments:

Budget and upgrade planning for technology
Consultation and recommendation for individual pieces of classroom technology equipment