Announcing OneSearch


  • A discovery resource that provides a single place to search for information from most of the content available from the Baylor University Libraries, including:
    • the BearCat online catalog (books, journal titles, media, etc.);
    • the Baylor Digital Collections;
    • BEARdocs, (electronic theses and dissertations, honors theses, technical reports, faculty publications, etc.);
    • research guides; and -- most importantly,
    • much of the full text content to which the Baylor Libraries subscribe from a wide variety of sources.

  • OneSearch is our local name for a product called Summon. From their website, "The Summon' service is built around a single, unified index that returns a single, unified set of results allowing users to effectively search and navigate across almost all of the library's resources in a manner that meets users' expectations for what a modern search should be."
  • OneSearch will not replace the myriad of subject-specific databases to which the Baylor Libraries subscribe; it will supplement and complement these specific resources.
  • Summon was developed and is maintained by Serials Solutions, a ProQuest company.


  • OneSearch will more easily drive users to relevant full text content, further enabling success in their research as well as increasing use of content on which the libraries spend a substantial amount of time and money.
  • OneSearch will enable interdisciplinary research and very narrowly-focused research.
  • Modern researchers have their search expectations set by Google and similar search engines, which is validated through usability testing in the library that demonstrated that users expect this kind of a search from the library's home page.


  • Very fast searches, with results returned using strong relevancy ranking.
  • Facets that enable quick refinements of search results.

  • A "Database Recommender" that recommends more specific databases depending on the search terms used.
  • Locally defined "Best Bets". For example, if a user is interested in library hours and types that query into the search form, a "Best Bet" will display that leads the user to the page with the library hours.
  • An "Add Results Beyond the Library" option provides the researcher with the option to expand the search significantly to content not available from the Baylor Libraries, and the researcher can then use interlibrary loan services to obtain needed items.
  • Future features include a "Topic Explorer", which will guide researchers in the exploration of a broad topic, lead them to relevant research guides or to liaison librarians who specialize in that content area.



OneSearch will be available on August 15, 2013.