Use TurnItIn as a Student

Using TurnItIn
The easiest way to use TurnItIn is through any course in Canvas. If you instructor has set up a TurnItIn assignment in Canvas, you may want to take a look at this student guide.

Baylor University subscribes to TurnItIn, a web-based plagiarism detection/prevention service to which papers are submitted and compared to resources in the database, with the results of the comparison (including hyperlinks to web pages or other papers with the same text) sent to the instructor. Instructors at Baylor University may or may not choose to use this service in their classes. If an instructor chooses to use the service, then:
  • Please be aware of the following: Students agree that by taking a course, all required papers, exams, class projects or other assignments submitted for credit may be submitted to or similar third parties to review and evaluate for originality and intellectual integrity. A description of the services, terms and conditions of use, and privacy policy of is available on its web site: Understand that all work submitted to will be added to its database of papers. Further understand that if the results of such a review support an allegation of academic dishonesty, the course work in question as well as any supporting materials may be submitted to the Honor Council for investigation and further action.

  • If use of TurnItIn is instituted after the distribution of the syllabus, then an equivalent written notice must be provided by the instructor to the students.

  • TurnItIn must be used for the papers of all of the students in the class.

  • All students in a class submit their own papers to TurnItIn, as opposed to submission by instructors or submission of individual papers singled out by instructors.

Access the TurnItIn Student Training site or go to or TurnItIn Research Resources for more information.