Digital Preservation Services Omeka Policies

Use of Omeka (Digital Exhibits and Web Publishing Tool)

Digital Preservation Services (DPS) administers a hosted instance of Omeka, an online web publishing tool designed to create limited capacity digital repositories and digital exhibits. (See for a full description.) Use of the DPS Omeka instance must adhere to the following guidelines.

1. The DPS Omeka instance is intended for use as a digital exhibits creation tool only. It is not intended to function as a fully scoped digital asset management system (DAMS); the DPS maintains a local instance of CONTENTdm for this purpose. The DPS Omeka shall:

     a.) Provide a platform for creating digital exhibits to complement physical exhibits

     b.) Provide a platform for creating born digital exhibits derived from completely digital assets

2. Access to the administrative functions of the DPS Omeka instance is administered by the DPS for the purposes of providing a functional, attractive platform for the creation of digital exhibits using materials from:

     a.) the Baylor University Libraries Digital Collections;

     b.) the holdings of Baylor University's special libraries and collections, digitized exclusively for digital exhibits

3. Because the storage capacity of the DPS Omeka instance is limited to a finite amount of file space to be shared across all Baylor University users, it is expected that materials chosen for inclusion in Omeka digital exhibits will be of access-level quality (i.e., Web quality) and will NOT include high-resolution materials.

4. The DPS Omeka instance is intended for use by the DPS; special collections within the Baylor University Libraries; and such additional Baylor University-related entities as may be deemed appropriate by the DPS. It is NOT intended for use by students, faculty, or staff outside the Baylor University Libraries.

5. Digital exhibits housed in the DPS Omeka instance may be designated as either short-term (when in conjunction with a physical exhibit or in cases where a corresponding digital collection has not yet been established) or long-term (when deemed of sufficient importance to maintain in perpetuity, such as those created to support a conference or major event). Designation as either short- or long-term status shall be determined by agreement between the DPS and the requesting institution. Due to limitations on file storage, it is strongly encouraged the Omeka exhibits be planned as short-term in duration.

6. To request administrative access to the DPS Omeka instance, please contact


DPS Omeka Use Policy
Adopted 9/17/2015