Expectations for Moody/Jones Libraries Conduct

  1. All users have a right to use the services and facilities of the Central Libraries without undue distraction or disturbance. No person shall act in a manner which is inconsistent with the general norms of research libraries.
  2. Furniture and equipment are provided for those who are here to use it now. Hoarding of resources (e.g. tables, chairs, white boards) is not permitted.
  3. Do not leave personal items unsupervised. Unattended items may be removed by Library staff. Personal items will be turned in to Library Lost and Found. The Libraries accept no responsibility for personal belongings.
  4. The Libraries provide research and study space. While clients may nod off from time to time, sleepers are a distraction and take space that might be used by others who are actively studying. People sleeping in the library will be asked to resume studying or to leave.
  5. No form of tobacco use is permitted in the Libraries, its gardens, or near entrances. Effective August 14, 2014, tobacco products are banned on all property that is owned, operated, leased, occupied or controlled by the University.
  6. Food may be consumed only in those areas designated as 24-hour study space. Beverages may be consumed in most other areas of Moody and Jones Libraries, but must be in containers with lids (secure, sealable lids are preferred).
  7. Trash and recycling receptacles are provided throughout the Central Libraries. Users are expected to dispose of their own trash and leave spaces at least as neat as they found them.
  8. Users shall not deface or damage Library furniture, equipment, or building surfaces.
  9. Animals, with the exception of service dogs, are not permitted within the Central Libraries.
  10. The Libraries reserve the right to inspect any bag, folder or other receptacle capable of containing library materials, particularly when a security alarm at one of the exits is activated.
  11. According to the University's definition of Student Misconduct, students are expected to cooperate and comply with any Baylor administrator, faculty member, or staff person, and to provide identification to these representatives of the University on request. These expectations apply to all persons in the Central Libraries.

If you need to report someone who is disregarding these expectations, you may call or send a text to the Libraries security staff cell phone at 254-265-2874.

Rev. 2012-Apr-25