Food & Drink in Moody & Jones Libraries

Map of food-safe areasThe Baylor University Libraries established this policy to provide a clean, pest-free environment for study and reflection and to protect the libraries' collections. Spills damage library equipment and facilities, and food debris attract vermin which then feed on books.

Food may be consumed only in the"Food Friendly" areas in green.

Beverages may be consumed in most other areas of Moody and Jones Libraries but must be in containers with lids (secure, sealable lids are preferred).

No food or drink of any kind is allowed in the Riley Reading and Digital Presentation Room (Moody Library, 3rd floor).

PLEASE report any spills to a service desk immediately!

We expect that you, as one of our valued clients, will accept responsibility for following this policy. We urge you to encourage your peers to do the same. Your acceptance of this policy will help create a more comfortable and productive library and will help preserve library resources for all other library users, now and in the future. If, however, a member of the library staff notices that you are violating the policy, s/he will inform you of the infraction and ask you to comply with the policy by either moving to a Food Friendly area or discarding the food or drink. Additional sanctions may be imposed on uncooperative or repeat offenders.

Thank you for helping us take care of YOUR library!