Spring 2022 Classroom Technology Updates

Classroom Updates

5 new Type 1 rooms

Some Type 1 rooms moved to ceiling-mounted microphones (from the original lavalier models)

For any room capable of lecture capture, that is done with video and audio instead of just audio only

If you need more information, contact CTS (email) for personalized training

Please visit the Classroom Technology Quick Search page to discover what type of classroom(s) you will be teaching in this semester.

Request Live Streaming

The option to live stream classroom instruction is only available in Type 1 classrooms. Requesting live streaming for your class(es) enables streams to take place for the selected course(s) for the entire Fall 2022 semester. Automatic recordings of classroom instruction will still take place along with the live stream.

To request live streaming of a course(s) for the Fall 2022 semester, please complete the form below. The deadline to request live streaming is 5pm on August 18, 2022.

Submit course live stream request

The Importance of Automatic Lecture Capture

There remains a need for classroom lecture capture technology established at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are a number of reasons to continue the use of automatic lecture capturing as the default approach for your Fall 2022 instructional settings. 

  • It's free and easy! No bandwidth or storage issues to worry about, and nothing is published to Canvas for students to use unless the instructor publishes it.
  • You never have to worry that a student will miss out on crucial in-class information. Recordings can be shared in multiple ways to ensure everyone stays up to speed.
  • Encourages students who are ill to remain at home, reduce potential illness spread, and still stay on track with their peers.

Opt-out Process for Automatic Recording

Should you wish to opt-out of the automatic recording setting in your classrooms this semester, please complete the form below. The deadline to opt out is 5pm on August 18, 2022.

Submit course recording opt-out request

NOTE: By completing this form, you are submitting a request to opt-out of automatic recording of classroom lectures in the room(s) in which you are assigned to teach for the Fall 2022 semester. You acknowledge that doing so will turn off automatic recording for the entire semester and that this decision could take up to a week to reverse should you wish to reinstate recordings.


If you have questions about either live streaming or opting out of the automatic recording process, please email us at CTS@baylor.edu.