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The Document Library provides Baylor faculty with a list of resources designed to strengthen instructors' skills in both virtual and physical teaching environments. As we gather materials and insights, we will post them here, so check back often!

Top 10 List: Supporting Online Students, A Guide for Faculty (2021)

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Test Integrity And Monitoring (2020)

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Additional Resources

The Academic Technology Learning Design Team is excited that you will be teaching online.  We are here to support you and would like to start by sharing these documents that we hope you will find very useful.  We encourage you to take the first step by completing the Faculty Needs Assessment online survey.

Faculty Needs Assessment

This survey will help us gain a better sense of your needs and expectations for support from the instructional designers so that we can allocate the right resources for you. (Faculty Needs Assessment - Online)

Instructional Design Process Chart

This graphic provides an overview of the steps involved with planning and designing an online course along with estimated time frames.  It will give you a frame of reference for when you may wish to begin preparations for your course. (Instructional Design Process Chart - PDF)

OSCQR Course Review Quality Standards

Baylor has adopted a set of quality standards for online courses.  These standards are guidelines for faculty and online programs to use as you strive to create high quality courses.  The OSCQR rubric will be useful during accreditation processes as well. (OSCQR Course Review Quality Standards - PDF)

Faculty Self-Check Guide

This checklist is a quick, but powerful Baylor centric guide for faculty to informally evaluate your online course plans before you begin building and again afterwards.  It gives you ideas for best practices, establishing a positive presence, and leveraging new techniques to make your online course shine. (Faculty Self-Check Guide - Word)

Instructional Time Calculation Worksheet

This document was designed to help you determine the amount of engaged learning that you are expecting from students to comply with Baylor policy BUAA-201. It provides time estimates, examples, and a blank calculator. (Instructional Time Calculation Worksheet - Word)

Course Map Blank Template

This document helps you lay out your course plan by determining the objectives, lecture materials, and assessments for each portion of time.  You can change the # of columns to match the # of modules you plan to use for your class. (Course Map Blank Template - PDF)