Learning Design Services

Welcome to the new Learning Design Services page. This page has been developed to articulate the many possibilities faculty have to interact with the Learning Design Team. The goal with the service catalog is to move away from a simple transactional interaction with faculty but to one that focuses on creating a transformative teaching and learning experience for Baylor faculty and students. In part the team believes strongly that transformational teaching and learning is a journey that is best fostered through positive one-on-one collaborations with faculty and other key stakeholders across a number of topics. This service catalog builds upon our newly developed mission statement.

Canvas Course Templates
The Learning Design team currently offers six Canvas course templates, each of which provides a unique standard for design and format.
Fellowship Opportunities
Discover how to be part of our Online Teaching Summer Fellowship.
LD Document Library
Resources designed to strengthen instruction in in-person and online environments.
Online Program Consultations
Services for faculty who are early in the process of proposing a new program to brainstorm innovative and differentiating design frameworks or who want to explore the alignment of objectives, outcomes, and learning artifacts.
Online Course Consultations
Information on a wide array of assistance including online course design and development; instructional strategies brainstorming; test design and delivery consultation; and much more. Rubric Development Consultation
Online Course Content Development
The Learning Design team offers consultation on interactive media design and development and customized Canvas template creation.
Online Course Reviews
We offer review of online courses through the lens of the Baylor Adapted Online Learning Consortium (OLC) OSCQR Quality Review Rubric.
Student Focused Micro Modules
Student orientation modules are now available in the Canvas Commons. Topics include Academic Integrity and Online Student Success for undergraduate and graduate students. These modules contain essential resources organized into a single page that can be easily imported into existing courses.
Training Programs and Partnerships
We offer training and fellowship opportunities for Baylor faculty, graduate students, and the general campus community.

Learning Design Team Mission 

The mission of the Learning Design Team is to cultivate a culture of innovation and curiosity through meaningful engagements with Baylor faculty that in the end will “…educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community – Baylor Mission Statement.” The Learning Design team strives to achieve this mission by: 

  • Advocating for and applying modern and creative technology enhanced learning strategies across multiple learning environments. 
  • Providing exceptional service to the Baylor community through the caring power of “Wow.” 
  • Creatively connecting and collaborating with any and all members of the Baylor community. 
  • Exploring the literature to ensure that guidance is grounded in research and best practices. 
  • Pursuing our own professional development to keep abreast of modern teaching strategies and technologies. 
  • Delivering best in practice workshops, course designs, templates and eLearning experiences. 
  • Offering consultative course reviews and feedback as part of an iterative process of course development. 

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