Learning Together supports Baylor faculty and students with resources designed to enhance teaching and learning in any mode. A joint enterprise of the Academy for Teaching and Learning, the Office of Graduate Professional Education, and the Library Academic and Technology Services Learning Design group of the Baylor Libraries, Learning Together is Baylor's one-stop resource to help you achieve excellence as a professor or student.

This resource is still taking shape as it continues its transition from an emergency Keep Teaching resource that surfaced in March 2020 to support Baylor's rapid transition to remote instruction to a platform for nurturing pedagogical excellence across the university. The Teaching and Learning Pathways modules are designed to walk you through the steps to design a course, whether in-person, hybrid, or online. The resources under Engage provide faculty with the tools to enhance the quality of their instruction. Resources for Students empower learners to adapt to different forms of pedagogy.

Learning Together is an evolving platform. If you wish to contribute resources or do not see things here that you would like to see, please contact Chris Zakrzewski, Director of Learning Design by email or Teams.