Type 2 Classroom

Room Equipment

  • Webcam
  • Table-top microphone at lectern (Foster classrooms have room microphones)
  • Ability to capture content from the classroom PC (and document camera if equipped)

Remote Delivery Options Available

  • Automatically-scheduled recordings (no sign-up required) using Kaltura Classroom on the room computer 
    • Recording will start/stop automatically one minute before/after scheduled class time in locations as listed in Astra
    • Instructors must open Kaltura Classroom on the room computer for recording to begin
    • Recordings will be available in instructor's private My Media page in Canvas 
    • Instructors can choose to publish these to their students as desired 
    • Review and edit recordings as necessary before making public 
  • Synchronous video conferencing and recording using Zoom or Webex

Training Resources


Online Training Session Recordings