Step 1: Reflection

Before selecting the instructional strategies for your online or hybrid course, take a moment to reflect on your in-person teaching strategies and the student learning objectives you have. The decisions you made when developing your course initially do not need to change simply because the modality changed.  

Reflection Questions to Explore 

Here are a few questions to explore as you prepare to transition modalities. This is not intended to be a heavy task, but a simple exercise to prepare ourselves for the transition. Grab your favorite beverage, find a comfortable space, and bring with you copies of your current course syllabi. Make notes directly on the document pertaining to your reflections. 

Strategy Questions 

  • Why do I teach the way that I do? 
  • Do I primarily use didactic lectures in my teaching? 
  • Is student involvement important to my instructional strategy? 
  • Do I utilize small group discussions during class time? 
  • Do I require students to present in class? 
  • How do I provide students feedback? 
  • What are the activities that students can naturally complete apart from direct interaction with the instructor? 

Objective Questions

  • What do I want my student to accomplish in class? 
  • Do my class activities provide students with opportunities to practice and then master content?

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