Baylor Bucket List


Now that you are a part of the Baylor community, there are traditions you will want to participate in while on campus. Baylor has many exciting and reverent traditions to partake in. Here is a list to help you embark on your adventure at Baylor University.


Traditions by time in Academic Year (August to May)
  1. Line Camp
  2. Welcome Week
  3. Mosaic Mixer
  4. Mosaic Week
  5. Late Night
  6. Traditions rally
  7. Running the Line
  8. After Dark
  9. Howdy
  10. Mass Meeting
  11. Homecoming Bonfire
  12. Homecoming Parade
  13. Pigskin
  14. Dance Marathon
  15. AsianFest
  16. Thanksgiving Dinner on Fountain Mall
  17. ATO Bed Races and Chi Omega Chili Cook off 
  18. Kappa Karnival
  19. Christmas on 5th                           
  20. Official Baylor Ring Ceremony 
  21. Go to Midnight Breakfast at Penland 
  22. Battle of Burning Sands Stepshow
  23. Lunar New Year
  24. Panhellenic Recruitment 
  25. Sing
  26. Gateway to India
  27. Chinese New Year
  28. Fiesta
  29. Stompfest
  30. Spring Premiere
  31. Relay for Life 
  32. Steppin’ Out
  33. Dia
  34. Baylor Ring Ceremony


Baylor Traditions Occurring All Year Long
  1. Baylor History Tour
  2. Baylor Choral Concert
  3. Baylor Orchestra Concert
  4. Play a game on Fountain Mall
  5. Swing in a Baylor Swing
  6. Learn the words to the Good Ole Baylor Line
  7. Order a drink from Moody Starbucks
  8. Start a Sic’em on campus
  9. Spend a summer in Waco 
  10. Chocolate chip cookies from Ms. Mei
  11. Participate in Intramurals 
  12. Take a picture with the Judge Baylor statue
  13. Take a picture with Joy or Lady
  14. Go bowling in the SUB
  15. Attend a Movie Monday at the Hippodrome
  16. Go to Dr. Pepper Hour
  17. Visit Baylor’s Mayborn Museum
  18. Attend a Baylor theatre performance
  19. Visit one of the residential college chapels
  20. Go to the Baylor Martin Museum of Art
  21. Run the 5K or 13.1 mile Bearathon
  22. Attend a Baylor Mission Trip
  23. Use a boat from the Baylor  Marina
  24. Attend a Sundown Session
  25. Hear the echo in the Ring of Honor
  26. Attend a Men’s or Women’s Basketball Game
  27. Attend a Baseball or Softball Game
  28. Hammock on Campus
  29. Swim in the SLC Pool
  30. Play Raquetball in the SLC
  31. Play Sand Volleyball at the SLC
  32. Attempt the Rock Wall
  33. Run the Bear Trail
  34. Play Tennis By Penland
  35. Attend Vertical
  36. Attend a Baylor Soccer Game
  37. Visit Armstrong Browning Library
  38. Visit the original Baylor campus in Independence, Texas
  39. Attend a Gorilla Troop Show
  40. Attend the Michael Johnson Classic 
  41. Attend Church Under the Bridge
  42. Visit the Texas Collection 
  43. Get in the Bear Pit at Baylor Basket Ball Game