Student Life External Review

In September, Student Life received the Final Report with an Extended Executive Summary. The reports were reviewed by the Deans and Department Heads using a model for review used in the Student Life CAS Department Reviews. This CAS model includes options for Accepting, Accepting with Recommendations, or Rejecting the various recommendations. 

The final reports can be viewed here



Staffing and Organizational Structure Review:
Division of Student Life

Baylor University is working with Keeling & Associates, LLC (K&A) to review the organizational structure and staffing of the Division of Student Life. This review is designed to enable the Division to meet current and future needs in anticipation of changing resources and expectations. Using the student learning goals of Community, Citizenship, Calling, and Wholeness as a guide, K&A will:

Engage staff members in an examination of the Division’s organizational structure and staffing patterns to support and enhance the commitment to transformative learning for students;

Guide the Division in creating a framework for a resource-sensitive staffing and organizational model; and,

Develop recommendations for staff career advancement and enhancement, increasing diversity and inclusion, and improving staff retention.

The eventual framework will be informed by, and respectful of, key characteristics of Baylor and Student Life including an institutional mission as a Christian research university and the holistic development of its students’ mind, body, and spirit.

Background Research: K&A will conduct (1) a review of key documents and data pertinent to the project; and (2) a series of initial telephone interviews with Student Life leadership to increase our knowledge base and to help explore key questions to be addressed throughout the project.

Campus Visit: K&A will conduct a campus visit of two days’ duration to gather data through meetings with key Student Life constituents and with members of pertinent campus departments, faculty, community partners, and groups of students.

Comparative Research: K&A will conduct a review of organizational, financial, and staff models for particular departments or programs among select peer institutions, as identified in consultation with the University. Click here to view the Comparative Research Parameters they used in this process. 

Analysis and Report: K&A will compile, collate, and analyze observations and findings, and formulate tentative conclusions in a preliminary report. Once this report is presented and discussed with the Vice President for Student Life and his designees, K&A will incorporate their feedback in finalizing the report.

Timeline: The review project began in March 2018 and will conclude in early summer 2018.

Comparative Research Parameters

Keeling Full Proposal

Keeling Visit Meeting Schedule 2018

Documents Available to Reviewers


Keeling & Associates Reviewers

Gage E. Paine, J.D., Ph.D., Senior Consultant 


John Stafford, Consultant & Project Director 

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