Office of Student Life Assessment

The division of Student Life is committed to contributing to each Baylor student’s transformational education. The best way to ensure excellent Student Life departments and programs is to establish “A Culture of Evidence” throughout the division where decisions are based on insights from data. This site is intended to support the Student Life division by providing assessment resources including current templates being used. The Office of Student Life Assessment (OSLA) headed by the Assistant Director for Student Life Assessment & Planning works with professionals in Student Life areas and departments to facilitate and encourage divisional assessment. The office’s responsibilities include facilitating the Student Life Assessment Committee (SLAC), overseeing annual departmental assessment projects, and facilitating periodic departmental reviews using the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) self-assessment guidelines. Responsibilities also include assisting area deans with the annual area Judicial Stewardship/Institutional Effectiveness (JSIE) reports that are used for accreditation purposes.  


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