Baylor Sophomore Year Experience

Baylor Sophomore,

We are happy that you have decided to return to Baylor for your sophomore year!  Even though you are no longer a freshman, you are still important to Baylor. We care about you and your success and we want to make sure you have what you need to navigate some of the best years of your lives.

Your second year at Baylor will be different than what you experienced last year. Your sophomore year is often a time when you make a firmer decision on your academic and career interests, develop a greater understanding of what you are good at, and discover where these two overlap in the form of a career and calling.  We can help you through this process!

Last year, we hope you took advantage of the many activities designed to involve freshmen in the life of the university.  This probably included Orientation, maybe Line Camp, living on campus, and exploring the over 300 student organizations on campus.  As a sophomore, you often realize that your college experience is more focused on how you can take what you learned in your first year and apply it by seizing on opportunities you now know about. While we could never predict what every sophomore needs to know or do, we do know there are a number of resources and activities that can be extremely helpful to you. Below, we have identified many of these resources. 

If you want to talk to someone more about your sophomore year and what you could do to reshape or tweak your experience at Baylor, please let us know! 



Sophomore Year Experience Primary Resources

1. Baylor Student Things to Do

a. Calendar of Student Organization Events 

b. Through Social Media 

c. Baylor Bucket List 

2. Student Organization Involvement

a. Student Organization List 

b. Student Involvement Specialists

3. Academic Success

a. Tutoring 

b. Help with Tough Classes – SI 

c. Academic Mentoring 

4. Career Resources