About Student Learning & Engagement

Goals and Outcomes


We help students to Discover, Belong, Thrive...

Discover – bring light to something previously unknown
a. To try, learn, and experience new things that build character, wisdom and produce maturity
b. To articulate interest in student organizations and other student out-of-class involvements
c. To know more about the resources available in the Baylor and Waco community

Belong – become a part of communities that have significance
a. To commit to membership in a group that meets regularly and has a positive mission
b. To develop multiple deep and lasting friendships
c. To identify mentors and mentees that guide connection and growth

Thrive – live a life of hope, intention, & courage
a. To approach most days with a positive attitude, grounded in a faith and calling promised to us
b. To make plans that inspire and guide you and others to demonstrate charity
c. To live with courage, basing your actions on the clarity that comes with purpose


Student Learning & Engagement Strategic Themes and Initiatives

The programs and activities offered by Student Learning & Engagement, are grouped into 3 general themes:

I. We Create Connection
1. Strengthen outreach and engagement efforts to prospective and current students
2. Help faculty and staff develop connections to students
3. Guide returning students in to mentoring relationships with new students

II. We Develop Leadership
4. Increasingly empower students to develop as leaders and serve others
5. Seek to engage underrepresented populations at Baylor and guide them into leadership
6. Expose and educate students to positive Baylor traditions

III. We Strengthen Systems
7. Grow existing programs and facilities to serve larger numbers of students
8. Improve professional staffing structures to support department initiatives
9. Use technology with wisdom to accelerate efforts to achieve goals

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Baylor Student Learning & Engagement values the incredible diversity in our student population and Baylor family. If you speak a language other than English as your primary language, click on the dropdown menu below to have this page translated into almost any language: