Wildfires in California

It is anticipated that a number of organizations will be involved in responding to the devastating wildfires in California. This web site will be used to communicate information about those activities and responses.

If you are a Baylor student who impacted by the wildfires and you need assistance, or if you know of a student in need of assistance,  please email us Leadership@Baylor.edu.

Note: While Baylor University is supportive of the relief efforts currently being conducted by these organizations, Baylor is not affiliated with them. 

Online Financial Donation Sites/Campaigns

If you would like to provide immediate financial assistance to relief efforts in areas impacted by the wildfires, you may want to consider one of the listed organizations/campaigns below. There are various ways to support the people, volunteer fire fighters, and wildlife impacted by the fires. 

Monetary donations should only be made to fully vetted sites and organizations. Charity Navigator provides information on organizations, as well as ratings for more than 9,000 charities.

Other things you can do
  • Raise awareness! You can share this information -- or other stories about the wildfires -- all across the web. More eyeballs = more help.
  • Run your online searches through Ecosia, which uses profits to plant trees where they're needed most. Trees help reduce the carbon dioxide load. It can be added to Chrome.
  • In the US, if you want to contact elected officials and make your voice heard about climate change action -- you can do that here
  • Check in with roommates or classmates from California and connect them to campus resources as needed. 


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