Group Service Awards

A. A. Hyden Award for Outstanding Student Group

Established in 1987, the award is named in honor of Dr. A.A. Hyden, Vice President of Student Life at Baylor University from 1980 to 1989.  By serving and investing in the Waco community, Baylor students build upon Dr. Hyden's legacy of community service. 


The Award for Outstanding Student Organization in Philanthropy

This award is presented to a student organization that successfully engages the campus community by generating tangible support and funds toward a particular philanthropic cause. This award is given to organizations that have demonstrated excellence in regards to engaging in these causes and working collaboratively to make a difference.


The Award for Outstanding Student Group in Education and Advocacy

This award is presented to a student group that successfully engages the campus community by generating awareness, support, and positive action toward a particular social issue(s).  This award was created with the goal of recognizing the outstanding work that our student groups do in engaging in global issues and becoming global citizens who care about social issues around the world. 


Selection Criteria for Each Award

Groups qualifying for consideration for any of these awards must:

  • Demonstrate each of the five benchmarks of meaningful service:

    • Impact - the difference your organization has made in the community and supported other community efforts

    • Quality - the coordination of service, planning, communication, and relationship with community

    • Relationship - the successful partnerships with fellow students, those served, and community partners

    • Context - the understanding of the larger issue on a state, national and/or global level

    • Learning - the use of reflection and debriefing for students to personally learn and grow

  • Involve members (i.e., the organization should have at least 75% participation in the group's service activities)

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