1st Step

1st Step

Every year thousands of Baylor Students give thousands of hours serving the local community.  How can you join this exciting tradition?

Whether you're a freshman, graduate student, or transfer student, 1st Step is an exciting event for ALL students starting their first year at Baylor! Held each fall, 1st Step offers Baylor students the opportunity to live out our core commitments to worldwide leadership and service.  Students will have the opportunity to serve in their new community and make long-lasting connections through this shortened form of a campus-wide day of service.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 1st Step Fall 2020 will be confined to the on campus Living Learning Centers.

The LLCs will be given cards for students to write to the students and staff of J.H. Hines Elementary and G.W. Carver Middle School in the afternoon of August 24th. Once these are filled out, leave them in the purple drop-box at the front desk. These boxes will be picked up and taken to the schools on August 31st.

Need ideas for what to write? Here are some guidelines!

  • Do not write anything inappropriate or could lead to your identification.
  • You can include your first name but nothing more!
  • Draw a line through mistakes and keep writing. We are only sending enough for each resident to write one note. We are not sending many extras.
  • Message ideas:
    • Encouraging words to either students or teachers!
    • A great quote!
    • Remind them to be safe and stay strong!

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