Wellness Peer Leaders were create in fall 2014. Students in this leadership role will work with the Department of Wellness located on the 2nd floor of the Student Life Center as well as with the Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center (BARC). These students encourage a culture of holistic student wellness where they encourage their peers to thrive emotionally, physically, and spiritually in college.


  • Apply theories of health and wellness to your leadership practice

  • Gain presentation experience and skills

  • Build relationships with your peers and encourage their holistic wellness

  • Gain experience and knowledge working in a Wellness Office

  • 3 hour leadership course credit – can be used toward the Leadership minor


  • Enroll in LDS 3304 – Leadership for Health and Wellness

  • Engage your peers in wellness coaching

  • Give at least 2 wellness presentations a semester to college audiences

  • Use your sphere of influence to encourage holistic wellbeing in your peers

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