The LEAD LLC aims to graduate students who will not only be leaders and influencers, but also instruments of change. This scholarship gives students an opportunity to offset the cost of their education while making a difference.

Every year the Academy for Leadership Development awards 75 first year LEAD LLC residents a $3,000 Student Engagement scholarship ($1,500 per semester). This scholarship is a need-based scholarship and is available to students of all majors who live in the LEAD LLC. Once awarded, students are eligible to retain their scholarship throughout their time at Baylor by fulfilling the requirements detailed on the Student Engagement Scholarship program webpage. Those requirements can be found here.

To Apply
  • You must rank the LEAD LLC as your first choice on your Campus Living and Learning housing application.

  • You must receive approval, through Campus Living and Learning's housing application process to live in Allen or Dawson Residence Halls and live in Allen and Dawson their first year at Baylor. 

  • You must complete both their FAFSA and CSS Profile (for more information on this requirement, please click here). All students with financial need will be automatically eligible to receive the scholarship. This is determined by the financial aid office. 

Award Amount

$3,000 for the academic year ($1,500 per semester). This award will continue each year if the student maintains good standing by fulfilling the requirements laid out by the Student Engagement office. 


After June, 1st, the LEAD LLC Program Director will begin looking through housing applications; working with the financial aid office to determine which students applying to live in LEAD qualify for the scholarship. After June 8th, the Program Director will begin reaching out to eligible students to notify them of their award. If there is an unusually high number of eligible students in a given year, you may be asked to fill out an additional application

Maintaining Your Scholarship Year 1

There are requirements for students to keep the LEAD LLC scholarship during the first year. These requirements are designed to help our students maximize their experiences in the LLC and at Baylor.

  • Live in Allen or Dawson

  • Be an active participant in the LEAD Community (Come to the events, be involved)

  • Attend weekly Mentor Group meetings

  • Enroll in the required Leadership 1301 course for Fall semester (you will be preregistered for this course upon acceptance to the community)

  • Complete 10 hours of community service each semester 

  • Remain in good academic standing at Baylor University

  • Remain in good disciplinary standing with Baylor University 

Maintaining Your Scholarship Year 2 and Beyond

The scholarship is renewable for up to four years, and will be stewarded by the office of Student Learning & Engagement after your first year. Below are two ways you can continue to receive your scholarship:

  • Continue to live in LEAD! As an upperclassmen you will be invited to participate in a leadership position within the community. Students who choose to come back and live in the LEAD LLC will apply and interview to be on a leadership team within the LLC during the fall semester. Continuing to live in the LLC and being involved in the community is one of the most seamless ways to ensure you retain your scholarship.

  • Participate in a variety of different activities as determined by the Student Learning & Engagement office. For more information on how to maintain your scholarship after your first year, please visit the Student Learning & Engagement website found here. You can also contact their office at

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