The Program

The Program

Mentor Groups: Incoming freshmen are assigned to a Mentor Group led by a student who is an upperclassman living in the hall. These groups meet on a regular basis and help to promote and encourage the community atmosphere as well as allow students to learn and grow in their leadership abilities on a smaller, more personal scale.

Residence Hall Life: Students in LEAD have the opportunity to connect with fellow residents through many events dedicated to building community!

  • Acts 2:42 Night: 2:42 night is based on the Bible verse Acts 2:42 which, in summary, discusses how the early Christians lived in deep community. LEAD 2:42 night is held every Thursday night and consists of a variety of events such as karaoke night, games, movies, or community service projects!
  • Intramural Sports: LEAD offers a variety of options for men and women to compete against other residence halls, student organizations, and sororities/fraternities in intramural athletics.
  • Formal/Semi-formal: LEAD hosts special gatherings in the fall (semi-formal) and spring (formal) where residents can dress up, eat, dance, and take pictures with their friends! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be hosting LEAD formal or semi for the 2020-2021 school year.

Community Engagement and Service: Philanthropy is a critical component of our life and work together. Each student living in LEAD will complete 10 service hours each semester. LEAD offers service opportunities in hall, as well as with various Baylor and Waco organizations.

LDS 1301 Course: All students selected to live in LEAD are required to take a leadership course together, LDS 1301. You will be pre-registered for a section of this class along with the other LEAD students from your Mentor Group. Your advisor will help to ensure you register for the correct course when you choose classes for the fall semester. This class also counts towards the Leadership Studies minor.

Serve on LEAD Team: Sophomores, juniors, and seniors have the option of returning to live in the community again and serve on the LEAD Team. Applications for LEAD Team are available in the fall semester. Upperclassmen have the option of serving on the following teams:

  • Mentor Team: Mentors are given a group of incoming freshmen to host Mentor Group weekly to help freshmen transition into college and get connected to the LEAD and Baylor communities. Mentors also take a 3000-level leadership course in order to learn how to be an effective leader to these students and make each one feel welcomed to the community.
  • Fellowship Team: Fellowship is in charge of arranging most LEAD events such as 2:42, intramurals, formal, semiformal, and other fun events and games that occur throughout the year. They are also in charge of passive programming, leaving treats and other fun encouragements at residents' doors.
  • Correspondence Team: The members of this team are the keepers of LEAD's stories. They take pictures at events, maintain the LEAD social media platforms, and publish LEAD's weekly newsletter, the LEAD Street Journal (LSJ).
  • Service Team: This team organize service projects in which the residents can participate in order to receive their required 10 hours of community service. Service team also logs and tracks these hours via Connect.
  • Executive Team: Exec team consists of third and fourth year students who have served previously on LEAD team. It consists of a Mentor, Fellowship, Correspondence, and Service team director along with a CL Liaison, who serves as the bridge between the Community Leaders and LEAD Team, and a LEAD Liaison, who serves as the bridge between the residential program and student alumni and other student organizations on campus. Exec team is led by a senior Student Executive Director.

Academy for Leadership Development and Community Engagement & Service

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