Scholarships & Initiatives

Scholarships & Initiatives

Martin House Monday

Ever wondered what the Martin House is? Martin House Monday is an opportunity for the Baylor community to stop by our office for an open house style program. During Martin House Monday, you can learn more about the Academy for Leadership Development and the Office of Community Engagement & Service. While enjoying some great food and snacks, you can learn valuable information about our program and service offerings. Every Martin House Monday has a unique theme, so be sure to stop by each time we host it, so that you don't miss out on the fun! We hope to see you at our next one. 

Big 12 Leadership & Service Days

The Academy for Leadership Development and the Office of Community Engagement and Service partnered with our colleagues from Kansas State, more specifically the Faculty, Staff and Students associated with the K-State Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows to host the inaugural Big XII Leadership and Services Days event. During this four day experience 2 K-State advisors and 20 Snyder Fellows worked alongside 3 Baylor representatives from ALD & CES and 18 Baylor students to do service in the Waco community. Our services sites included Shepherd’s Heart Food Pantry, Doris Miller YMCA, and the World Hunger Relief Farm. In addition to doing service, our students participate in joint social events and leadership discussions, and we were featured on the field during the Baylor vs. K-State football game. We hope to continue this tradition by visiting K-State to do service in their community when Baylor plays them next football season. Furthermore, we plan to do a similar thing and host the University of Texas in Waco next year as well!

2018 Big 12 Leadership & Service Highlights

  • Participation: 43 - Total Students & Staff

    • 20 - K-State Snyder Fellows (students), 2 - K- State Staff Members & 18 - Baylor Students, 2 Baylor Staff Members and 1 Baylor Graduate Apprentice. 

      • Areas Represented: Greek Life, CES Peer Leaders, LEAD LLC, Baylor ROTC, Baylor NAACP

  • Service Hours: 10

    • Thursday: 5 hours, Shepherd’s Heart

    • Friday: 5 hours | 2 hrs - World Hunger Relief Farm & 3 hrs - Doris Miller YMCA

  • Social Events:

    • History of Waco Presentation

    • Presented by Historic Waco

    • Leadership & Service Debrief

      • Led by Baylor & K-State Staff Members

    • Baylor & K-State Bowling Party in the SUB Bowling Alley

    • Magnolia Lunch and Tour

    • Baylor Tour and Bear Presentation

      • Presented by Baylor Chamber of Commerce

    • K-State Alumni Dinner

      • Hosted By Doug Nesmith & Joyce and Kenneth (Ken played football at K-State)

Carr P. Collins Scholars Programs 

Who is the man Carr P. Collins? 

Mr. Carr P. Collins was born in 1892 and married Ruth Woodall in 1914. They had three children, Jim, U.S. Rep. Carr P. Jr. and Ruth Collins Altshuler. He has been described as a family man, insurance executive, denominational leader and foremost a Christian Philanthropist.  Mr. Collins was the founder and organizer of the Fidelity Union Life Insurance Company in 1927. He was one of the organizers of The Baptist Foundation of Texas in 1931 and served as president from 1963 - 1970 having been an active Baptist layman since May 1915. He was a trustee of Baylor University as well as several other institutions. He was a real estate developer, investment specialist, and business executive. Have been generous to Baylor providing the funding for Ruth Collins Hall in 1957, Carr P. Collins Chair in Finance held by Dr. John Martin at Business and other gifts through the years. He thought very highly of Baylor...quote from 1963...Waco Tribune Herald, “Baylor University is a school that provides the type of Christian leadership that the world needs.” He was very generous to the Baylor Medical Center, First Baptist Church, Dallas, Park Cities Baptist Church, Dallas, Dallas Baptist College, Bishop College, Hardin-Simmons University, Howard Payne College and The University of Corpus Christi. As well as many generous gifts to other educational institutions, churches and many other organizations.

In 1993 the Carr P. Collins Foundation, Inc. of Dallas, Texas assets were distributed to other Collins Family Foundations. At the time Mrs. Ruth Collins Altshuler knew of the great love that her father, Carr P. Collins had for Baylor University and recommended that 2 million dollars be given in 1993 to Baylor University to establish the Baylor University - Carr P. Collins Foundation, Inc. Endowment Fund. The fund provides for the Collins Scholars Program and the Collins Outstanding Professor Program. Mrs. Ruth Collins Altshuler continues to carry on her father’s philanthropic heart and has provided many funds to the Dallas area. You might want to be aware that she is a SMU graduate and has served on their board of regents for some 30 years and has served as chair of the SMU Board of Trustees. She was recognized by Association of Fundraiser as the Outstanding in 2000.

When asked to what he attributed his success in life, Carr P. Collins cites five points:

  • Old-fashioned parents who taught that opportunities are the product of hard work and right living.
  • The good fortune of being born in a country that provides freedom of opportunity to engage in a chosen profession and reap the gains of mental and physical application to that profession.
  • A desire to achieve born out of the necessity to begin work at an early age.
  • An abundance of friends...people of good will that have helped in both good time and bad.
  • The realization early in life that only God can give men the confidence to achieve and the courage to overcome those problems and difficulties that beset all mankind

What is the Purpose of the Carr P. Collins Scholars Program?

The Collins Scholars program was established to recruit, retain, support and recognize promising student-leaders enrolled at Baylor.

Collins Outstanding Professor 

The Collins Outstanding Professor is selected by the Senior Class in election conducted by the Division of Academic Affairs and Office of Institutional Research. With the honor comes a cash award of $10,000.

Supplemental Conference Scholarships

Each year, The Academy for Leadership Development awards scholarships to assist Baylor University students seeking to enhance their professional development through conference attendance.

Award Amounts

  • Conference Attendance: Up to $100*

  • Conference Presentation: Up to $200*

* Contingent on available funds.

Application Process

  • Be registered as a full-time undergraduate student at Baylor University in good academic standing.

  • Plan ahead. Look at conference deadlines to determine travel timeline and allow time for application review.

  • Conference Grant Application forms: Traveling as a group or Traveling as an individual

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