Leadership Minor

Leadership Minor

The Minor in Leadership Studies is an inter-disciplinary program designed to prepare students for leadership in their chosen vocation. The minor is dedicated to advancing the field of leadership by engaging students in theoretical and practical knowledge of the field. Students in the minor are encouraged to critically think about and apply analytical skills to develop their own understanding of leadership that will create a mindset to live a life of service in whatever their chosen vocation.

The Minor in Leadership Studies represents a joint partnership between the School of Education (Educational Administration) and the Academy for Leadership Development (Division of Student Life).

Learning Outcomes: All students who complete the minor will:

  1. Apply a variety of leadership theories to their leadership practice.
  2. Critically examine their personal leadership capacity.
  3. Create interpersonal relationships across differences.
  4. Evaluate systematic structures that support/impede social justice.

Academy for Leadership Development and Community Engagement & Service

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