Living Arrangements

Living Arrangements

During the program, students will be staying in David Russell Apartments on the University of St Andrews campus.

David Russell Apartments is a modern student living building. Each student will have a  private bedroom with en-suite bathroom. To learn more about David Russell Apartments, please click here.

When you arrive in St Andrews, David Russell Apartments will have your information and get you checked-in quickly.

If your spouse is coming with you, St Andrews can accommodate both of you. The extra cost for double occupancy will be $50 per night for your spouse to stay in the room with you. This rate would include a "full Scottish breakfast" for your spouse as well (eggs, bacon, etc.). This charge would only apply for the nights where your spouse is staying with you. So please let us know if/when your spouse will be with us in Scotland, and we’ll begin making arrangements with St Andrews.

Also, for some unexplained reason, U.S. hairdryers will not work with U.K. electric outlets, even with a converter. So if you plan on using a hairdryer, we recommend leaving your current hairdryer at home and purchasing one when you get to Scotland that works on the U.K. outlets. They're relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at Boots, centrally located in St Andrews.


The University of St Andrews strives to make the campus accessible to all users. The University does recognize that, due to the ancient and medieval layout of the town and campus, limitations can be encountered. However, the University endeavours to ensure that all its visitors are aware of the accessibility available at the University. For more information about accessibility at St Andrews visit For information about accessibility in Scotland, visit

The Baylor Law School Academy of the Advocate at St Andrews has been approved by the American Bar Association Accreditation Committee.