Welcome to the Academy of the Advocate at St Andrews, one of the finest training grounds for aspiring courtroom advocates in the world.

Situated near the birthplace of English Common Law in historic St Andrews, Scotland, the Academy is a result of a unique partnership between Baylor University (founded in 1845), the oldest continually operating university in Texas, and the University of St Andrews (founded in 1413), the third oldest university in the English-speaking world. Here, students step into an immersive, two-week trial and appellate advocacy experience led by some of the finest civil trial lawyers, criminal prosecutors, sitting judges and renowned advocacy professors in America—an experience that will see them emerge with knowledge and skills they will call on for the rest of their lives.

The program is organized into three schools: the School of Appeal, the School of the Trial, and the Advanced School of the Trial. Intimate by design, with a student to faculty ratio of approximately 3 to 1, the program is limited to a maximum of 60 students. Following enrollment, students select a school and complete the course of study in the two-week session. Upon completion of any school, they receive three semester (or five quarter) hours of credit. Students who participate at the end of the summer program find that they can return and still do a clerkship in the fall.

Attracting students from all over the country, The Academy of the Advocate is held in the striking setting of St Andrews, where the art and craft of advocacy unfolds amidst the rich history of British Common Law. The enduring traditions of trial by jury. The right to appeal. Nowhere do those traditions more colorfully and dramatically come to life than in St Andrews.

To learn more about St Andrews' history, please visit www.st-andrews.ac.uk/about/


 The Baylor Law School Academy of the Advocate at St Andrews has been approved by the American Bar Association Accreditation Committee.