COVID-19 Notice

Baylor Law Review takes the health and safety of its students and staff very seriously. At the same time, we are committed to providing prompt review and timely publication of submitted and selected articles. Although the law school is temporarily operating under online instruction, Baylor Law Review will maintain its operations as usual, albeit remotely. We will continue to thoroughly review all submissions and update authors whose articles advance to the next level in the review process. Should you have any questions regarding your submission, please reference our process below or email us at


Timely publication is our priority. Baylor Law School operates on the quarter system. As a result, we publish books in the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. We coordinate our publication schedules with quarters ending in late October, late January, and late April. If your article is time-sensitive, then our priorities match yours.

The following are general guidelines for article submissions to the Baylor Law Review.

Baylor Law Review accepts submissions year-round. We accept articles by mail, e-mail, or online platform. Please include a cover letter with your name, email address, and affiliation.

Baylor Law Review will not send authors an email confirming initial receipt of the article, but the Senior Executive Editors review all articles received in coordination with the faculty. Authors will be contacted if their articles advance in the review process.

Submission Guidelines

Citations should appear in footnotes, not endnotes, and should conform to the 20th edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, and to the 14th edition of the Texas Rules of Form.

Baylor Law Review welcome articles of any length. We prefer any article submissions to be in Microsoft Word format. We will not consider any article submitted in CLE form.

Because a limited amount of space is reserved for student articles, we only publish student articles written by members of the Baylor Law Review and are, therefore, unable to publish articles written by students from other schools.


We strive to promptly complete our review of each submission. If your article has been formally accepted by another journal, we will make every effort to comply with a request for expedited review. To facilitate this review process, please notify us of your offer deadline.

For questions regarding article submissions, please email us at