Professor Tom Featherston to Speak at Estate Planning and Community Property Seminar Feb. 18

February 16, 2011
Tom Featherston, Mills Cox Professor of Law at Baylor Law School, will be one of the featured speakers at the Estate Planning and Community Property Law Journal Seminar on Friday, Feb. 18, at Texas Tech School of Law. Featherston will discuss Nonprobate and Probate Disposititions of Community Property. Other speakers include professors from Texas Tech, the University of Texas, Loyola University, Chicago and New York School of Law.

Featherston will cover a number of topics during his presentations, including Nonprobate Dispositions Between Spouses, Community Property In The Revocable Trust, Multiple Party Accounts, Other Spouse's Interest In The Employee's Retirement Plan and the Effect Of Death On Retirement Plans, among others.

A frequent presenter at CLE events across the country that deal with marital property rights and trusts and estates, Featherston was the 2009 recipient of the Distinguished Probate Lawyer Lifetime Achievement Award, which is given by the Real Estate, Probate & Trust Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.

Some of Featherston's most high-profile work has been on Texas legislation that deal with the subjects he teaches--marital property and trusts and estates. Recently, he co-chaired the State Bar's REPTL section's cooperative efforts with the Texas Legislature's Legislative Council in re-codifying the Texas Probate Code, the first and most comprehensive change in the statutory law affecting decedents' estates in more than 50 years.

Featherston also participates in committee work for the American Bar Association, where he served on the governing council of the Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section and currently serves on its planning and publication committees. He also has served as the Trusts and Estates editor of Probate & Property, the section's magazine since 1999.
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