Labor Law Team Ready for Competition

November 17, 2010
By Brittany Hardy

For the Baylor Law School's Labor Law team headed to competition, preparation has been a "whirlwind" according to team member Joel Towner. The culprit in this case of hurried preparation is the quarter system.

"We just finished finals a week and half ago," he said, "We have competition this weekend, so we've been working extremely hard over the past week and half to put it all together."

The team consists of Brian Harrison, Steven Lopez, Danielle Odom, Joel Towner, Caleena Svatek, Shawn Latchford, Huma Patel and Mark Walraven. Each member of the team has worked hard, crash-course style, to prepare for the impending competition.

"We're trying to get acquainted with the problem, but we don't have time to play catch up," Patel said, "It's very time-consuming and a lot to learn."

For this Labor Law team, though, the biggest enemy of the potential stress of crazed and hurried preparation is the team, itself.

"It's very rushed, but it's a team effort," Odom said, "We really help each other with all parts of the trial, even if we're not doing that section. We try to makes sure everyone is involved in the whole process."

The close-knit team has learned to rely on each other in order to remain successful and sane.

"It's kind of overwhelming, but I have a great team and it's very helpful. They're patient with me," Patel said.

Each year the labor law problem involves an aspect of employment. This year, the problem centers on an insurance company during a lay-off period. The company cuts one of its employees, who is simultaneously battling with cancer. The question is whether the company fired him because of the lay-offs or because of his diminishing health.

Professor Jeremy Counseller and Adjunct-Professor Dan Tilly are the coaches for the labor law advocacy team.

"Tilly is so kind and patient," Patel said, "He gets off work, grabs some food and spends the rest of his night with us. It's incredible and really shows his dedication."

In a team that heavily relies on each other, these coaches have made a significant contribution and impact in preparation.

"Counseller is very down to earth," Odom said. "He's really open to everyone getting out their ideas and discussing them. You're not worried to come to practice or make a mistake or say something stupid. He listens to our opinions."
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