Baylor Law Team to Compete in Pepperdine Entertainment Law Competition

November 10, 2010
By Brittany Hardy

A Baylor Law School student advocacy team will fly to California for the Pepperdine Entertainment Law Competition and will compete Nov. 12-14. The team includes Bill Thompson, Akilah Craig and Kelly Hodge and is coached by Laura Hernandez, assistant professor of law.

The competition problem deals with copyright, playing on a Justin Bieber-like character and his hypothetical album "My Planets," under the fake recording label "Tweeny Bopper."

"We have to keep ourselves from laughing," Professor Hernandez said.

The team received their problem around Sept 18. From there, they split up aspects of copyright statute, in order to divide and conquer.

"Once we get the problem, we're basically no longer allowed to talk to the professor," Craig said, "We had to write the brief and do the research on our own. We could only consult each other."

For a month and half the team worked on the brief. Once it was submitted, they were finally allowed to consult with their coach. On Oct. 20, the team began oral argument practices every day, except for a week-long break for finals. The week before the competition, guest judges and advocacy professors were brought it to critique the argument.

"We go through a series of practices. When we get to a point we like, we head out for the competition and try our best," Thompson said.
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