Baylor Law Student Appointed Texas-Louisiana Communications Chair for ABA Student Division

September 28, 2010
By Brittany Hardy

Communication is an undeniably important aspect of law and of life, as law student Reggie Blakeley has certainly been reminded of during his time at Baylor Law School. The San Antonio native will now be an active participant in its application.
Blakeley was recently appointed Communications Chair for Texas and Louisiana by the American Bar Association student division and is looking forward to meeting with the other men and women of the ABA. As Communications Chair, Blakeley will solicit speakers for the ABA's fall leadership summit, attend the summit, to be held at South Texas College of Law, do the same for another summit in New Orleans and work to enhance the ABA student handbook.
"I have two big meetings, one in Houston in October. The second is in New Orleans and that will be really fun," Blakeley said, "[These meetings] allow you to communicate and get in touch with other lawyers in the state of Texas. There's kind of a bubble here in the law school. We're there all the time. [ABA] allows students to branch out and to be a part of a larger organization."
This will become an even greater reality in the future, according to Blakeley, as the ABA is currently expanding its presence on the campuses of several different law schools, through various upcoming projects.
Blakeley began law school in the spring of 2009, after earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas. He received 2nd place at the National Security Law Moot Court Competition, held at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Professor Bridget Fuselier chose Blakeley to be on the team which led him to the National Security Competition.
Professor Fuselier has been an encouraging and committed catalyst to obtaining this position, Blakeley said. He also credits moot court competitions as opportunities to improve his communication skills.
"Moot court helps you to be an effective communicator and think when you're under pressure. The moot court program at the Baylor Law School is really strong, and it really helps you to communicate publicly," Blakeley said.
Blakeley recognizes that many students worry about finding jobs and he offers this advice: "Be proactive and outgoing. You can't be scared. You have to get out there in the real world... People can't hire you for a job unless you show them your personality. You have to meet them in person."
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