Professor Ron Beal to Lecture at Annual Advanced Administrative Law Conference

September 13, 2010
Ron Beal, Professor of Law, will lecture at the 22nd Annual Advanced Administrative Law Conference of the State Bar of Texas in Austin on Sept. 16-17, 2010. He will speak on many issues related to rulemaking. Beal also wrote a paper regarding the problems of a formal "record" when a SOAH proposal for decision is considered by the agency board in an open meeting. He will discuss this issue with the General Counsel of the State Office of Administrative Hearings and the General Counsel of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Prof. Beal will then present the issues for discussion regarding the right to discovery in the district court when a party has appealed a final order of the agency.

Earlier in September, Beal participated in the Fifth Annual Advanced Administrative Law Seminar in Austin, Texas, on Sept. 2-3. The seminar was hosted by the University of Texas School of Law, the Travis County Bar Association and the Administrative and Public Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.

He wrote a paper titled "The Legal Authority of a SOAH ALJ to Determine Sanctions and the Power of the Agency to Modify the Same" and participated in a Town Hall Meeting titled "Laying Down the Law: The Art and Science of Imposing Just Penalties."

Beal and Lou Bright, a Baylor Law alumnus who recently retired after 20 years as General Counsel for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and who is now in private practice, conducted a free seminar for 400 lawyers on how to determine sanctions.

Beal also wrote a paper titled "Rulemaking and Rule Challenges" and then participated in a hour long "Point-Counterpoint" debate. He debated with Dudley McCalla, who has practiced administrative law in Texas for more 50 years and who, along with Baylor Law Professor David Guinn, were the "fathers" of the Texas Administrative Procedure Act adopted in 1975.

Additionally, on Sept. 10, Beal testified before the State Bar of Texas Board of Directors in Austin regarding the proposed amendments to the Texas State Bar Disciplinary Rules. The amendments will be presented to the Texas Supreme Court in October of 2010.
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