Highest Ranking Student Terah Moxley Delivers Commencement Remarks

August 9, 2010

Terah Moxley was named the highest ranking student of the summer 2010 graduating class and delivered remarks during commencement.

As strange as it for any of us to begin public remarks of any kind without first having to say "May it please the Court," I'll begin by saying good morning to President Starr and Judge Kinkeade, to all our friends and families, to the faculty and staff, and to my fellow graduates.

Dean Toben is absolutely right. A debt of gratitude is undoubtedly owed to our families and friends. And at this point, what's a little more debt. But while we must thank our friends and families for supporting us, and really, just for putting up with us, thanks are due all around. We should thank Mireya for making us breakfast burritos and grilled cheese sandwiches when we hadn't had anything remotely resembling a home-cooked meal in weeks. We should thank Mr. Jimmy, for his incredible timing in providing us with an encouraging word after we'd just had the worst day. We should thank our professors for mentoring us, and for having enough faith in us to tell us, even in this economy, not to take a job we're not sure we want out of fear, because something else will come along. But most of all, we should thank each other. These last two and half years have been not only a collective experience due to the rigor and relentlessness that is Baylor Law School, but it's been a collective effort from start to finish. An effort to encourage one other during first quarter when law school was eating our self-esteem. An effort to make sure we weren't taking ourselves too seriously, like after third quarter's "space space period space space" debacle. An effort to help each other stay optimistic as we watched the economy continue to sink as the amount of our law school debt continued to rise. And an effort to help each other stay sane, during the frenzy that has been the last six months, with Practice Court and the Bar Exam and searching for jobs. It's hard to believe that two and half years ago we were all strangers, because now we're family. A dysfunctional family at times, to be sure, but family nonetheless. And today we become part of the larger family of Baylor lawyers. And it's a family I'm proud to be a part of. So, to my law school family, thank you. Thank you for learning with me and laughing with me. Thank you for providing me perspective when I needed it, and for letting me be ridiculous when I needed that more than perspective. And thank you in advance for whoever plans our first reunion. I can hardly wait to see what we all do next. Congratulations!

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