Baylor Law School Earns Top Marks in The National Jurist’s list of ‘Best Schools for Practical Training’

March 24, 2014


Baylor Law School earned an A+ in the latest issue of The National Jurist’s inaugural list of “Best Schools for Practical Training.”

The listings were unveiled in the magazine’s March issue.

“This is the first effort to try to quantify which schools are delivering on their promises to make legal education more experiential,” said Jack Crittenden, editor-in-chief, The National Jurist.

The magazine based the ranking on four factors — three objective and one subjective. The three objective factors include the number of clinic positions per enrollment, the number of field placements or externships per enrollment, and the number of simulation courses per enrollment. The magazine pulled data from each school's Standard 509.

The magazine then contacted the 90 law schools that ranked the highest in that assessment, and gathered detailed information on other practical training offerings. It then assigned a score based on the data.

Baylor Law was one of 11 schools to receive an A+ grade.

“Baylor Law School has been providing dynamic experiential and simulated training for decades,” said Baylor Law School Dean Brad Toben. “Baylor Law teaches students the fundamental legal doctrine required to successfully practice law; develops in students the core lawyering skills of thinking, writing, and speaking clearly and analytically; and then gives students supervised experiential training in performing a reasonable range of lawyering tasks through a series of highly realistic, simulated courtroom exercises in our Practice Court program.”

In the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings, Baylor Law’s advocacy program is ranked No. 3 in the nation.

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