Baylor Law Named One of the 50 Best Law Schools in the U.S.

October 10, 2013

Baylor Law School is ranked as one of the 50 Best Law Schools in the U.S. by the business and technology news website, Business Insider.

Baylor Law ranks No. 32 on the list, which is topped by Harvard Law School. The only other Texas law school ranked on the Business Insider list is the University of Texas School of Law at No. 20.

"Baylor touts a highly customizable curriculum," according to Business Insider. "Students are permitted to start in the fall, spring, or summer, and may take any quarter off to pursue a clerkship, externship, or study abroad experience."

Business Insider based its rankings on a survey of more than 400 American legal professionals who were asked to select the 10 law schools that would best serve a legal career. Tuition costs were used as a tiebreaker, with lower tuition pushing a school to a higher spot.

"When Baylor Law students graduate, they are practice ready," said Baylor Law School Dean Brad Toben. "In their third year, Baylor Law students take Practice Court, where they try multiple cases from beginning to end in order to learn the spectrum of a lawyer's experience. It is a facet that students often find one of the most strenuous but compelling components of their Baylor education. Because of this program, they will not only know what to expect when they walk into court on their first job assignment, but they will also be able to present themselves as lawyers who indeed know their way around."

Baylor Law School's advocacy program is ranked No. 3 by U.S. New & World Report.

Last month, Baylor Law School ranked No. 2 in The National Jurist's Best Value rankings for providing the best value in legal education. The rankings looked at tuition, debt, and cost of living, and compared those numbers with the percentage of students employed and bar pass rates.

Recently, The Princeton Review ranked the top law schools in 11 categories based on a survey of more than 185,000 students at 169 law schools. Baylor Law ranked No. 1 in the most competitive students category.

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