Baylor Law Alumni Association's 2013-2014 Executive Council

July 18, 2013

Baylor Lawyers from around the state gathered in Dallas on June 20 for the Baylor Law Alumni Reception. The reception was held in conjunction with the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting. Judge Ken Starr, Dean Brad Toben, Associate Dean Leah Jackson, and Baylor Law School faculty also were at the event. During the reception, Dean Jackson announced the members of the Baylor Law School Alumni Association 2013-2014 Executive Council.


  • President, 2013-2014: Libby King (JD '01), Richmond
  • President-Elect, 2013-2014: Lewis Sifford (JD '72), Dallas
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Leah Jackson (JD '85), Waco
  • Past President, 2012-2013: John Ginn (JD '89), Sulphur Springs

Incoming Class Members/Term expires in June 2016:

  • The Hon. Samuel Cummings (JD '70), Lubbock
  • Laura Sharp (JD '86), Austin
  • Zollie Steakley (JD '00), Waco

Term expires in June 2014:

  • John Ginn (JD '89), Sulphur Springs
  • Vincent Allen (JD '99), Dallas
  • Bill Brian (JD '74), Amarillo

Term expires in June 2015:

  • Libby King (JD '01), Richmond
  • Anne Potts-Jackson (JD '95), Belton
  • Ryan Squires (JD '04), Austin

Term expires in June 2016:

  • Lewis Sifford (JD '72), Dallas
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