Horton Wins 'Top Gun' PC Competition

May 29, 2013

Top Gun

Congratulations to Taylor Horton for winning the Bob and Karen Wortham "Top Gun" Practice Court Competition. Horton took home a $3,000 prize, as well as an 18-inch bronze statuette of former PC Director Matt "Mad Dog" Dawson.

Runner-up Katrina Colwell received a $1,000 prize. Semifinalists Mary Green and Allegra Hill each received $500.

While director of Practice Court, Dawson was nationally renowned for the success of his mock trial teams, which won two national competitions and nearly every regional competition over a period of 10 years. He also was responsible for starting the tradition of holding mini-trial competitions during his tenure of director of PC.

Twice each year Baylor Law awards the "Mad Dog," an 18-inch bronze statuette of Dawson, to the winner of the Wortham Top Gun mini-trial competition. A life-size bronze statue of Dawson is located outside the Practice Court classroom at the law school.

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