Baylor Law Tops Texas Bar Exam Results Again

May 3, 2013

The results of the February Texas Bar exam have been released and Baylor Law is again No. 1 with a 95.56 percent pass rate.

Texas has nine law schools, and since 2001 Baylor Law has been No. 1 on 17 of 24 bar exams given.

"As always, the credit goes to our bright students who work so hard, to our dedicated faculty and staff colleagues, and to our wonderfully supportive University leadership," said Baylor Law School Dean Brad Toben. "With all of us working together, we again have put Baylor Law in the No. 1 slot!"

Toben added that Baylor Law's success also arises from its diligence in ensuring that the Law School is always keeping attuned to the needs and expectations of the profession; adhering to the highest standards in all it does and undertakes; being invested fully in its mission and in its students; and being good and wise stewards of all that is within the Law School's charge and responsibility.

The following are the results from the February Texas Bar exam:

  1. Baylor 95.56 percent (43 of 45)
  2. Texas Tech 95.45 percent (21 of 22)
  3. U. of H. 89.66 percent (26 of 29)
  4. Texas Wesleyan 88.68 percent (47 of 53)
  5. U.T. 86.36 percent (19 of 22)
  6. South Texas 85.22 percent (98 of 115)
  7. St. Mary's 75.00 percent (36 of 48)
  8. SMU 73.08 percent (19 of 26)
  9. Texas Southern 66.67 percent (14 of 21)
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