Baylor Law School welcomes fall 2012 entering class

August 28, 2012
Writer: Dani Brown, 254-710-4823,
Contact: Nicole Neeley, 254-710-3239,
Orientation Fall 2012
This year's fall 2012 class boasted median LSAT scores (162) in approximately the top 15 percent and median undergraduate grade point averages (3.51) well above the national average. The fall class is seated with more males than females - a differentiation from previous years - with 27 females and 37 males. This class represents more than 35 universities from across the nation.

"This class has an impressive set of credential statistics, especially given the state of legal education around the country," said Baylor Law School Dean Brad Toben. "Our school is in demand by highly credentialed students, and our program is a poster child for how legal education should be done (see the raft of recent media criticizing legal education and law schools for being unable to effectively prepare students for practice). With this class, as with all of our classes, we have much to be proud of, as well as much to steward, enhance and preserve."

During orientation, the class was introduced to the legal profession and law school through lectures on professionalism and life in law school. They also received their first introductions to reading case law. In addition, students had opportunities to meet their future faculty, as well as their fellow classmates.

"My favorite part about orientation was getting to meet everybody," said Ryan Roper, a fall starter who graduated from the University of Georgia-Athens. "Our classmates are a diverse group of people from everywhere."

Concluding orientation, students participated in a community service project by working with Meals on Wheels, the City of Waco and Habitat for Humanity. Baylor Law School incorporates the service project to aid the Waco community, as well as to introduce the legal profession as a service profession.

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