Baylor Law Students Participate in i5 Summit in China July 31-Aug. 1

July 31, 2012

Four Baylor Law students are participating in the 2012 China America Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summit in Beijing, China, on July 31-Aug. 1. Students Robert Green, Scott Francis, Christy Samansky and Amanda Sherek, along with students from Baylor's Hankamer School of Business and Baylor's School of Engineering and interns from Asia, have worked to establish business plans for multinational ventures that either do business in Asia or would like to expand to the Asian market. The summit is the culmination of Baylor's i5 (Immersion Into International Interdisciplinary Innovation) and Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Under the supervision of Baylor's Patent Law Professor David G. Henry, Sr., students in the Intellectual Property Concentration participated in i5 and TEI projects by helping to identify and create recommendations for seeking legal advice for protecting the sponsors' intellectual property. The students served as consultants, in which they evaluated potential intellectual property issues that would impact a team's chosen business strategy, and as team leaders, in which they guided a multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural commercialization project in partnership with a venture in China. During the summit, the students will present their business plans.

Green worked on LaunchPad Asia, which specializes in finding technologies throughout the world, but particularly in the US and marketing them through a portfolio of partners in Asia (mostly China). Francis worked on LaunchPad Road Construction. Samansky worked with Marco Corporation, a leading designer and supplier of fixtures and cases for food retail industry. Finally, Sherek served as the U.S. intern for alo (Swedish Agricultural Machinery Company), which builds tractors and other farm equipment and was interested in learning about opportunities for their products in China.

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