Fall 2011 Immunity Day a Huge Success

October 3, 2011
This quarter, Baylor Law School's Student Bar Association chose the local Waco charity, the Talitha Koum Institute, to receive the proceeds from the Fall 2011 Immunity Day. The Talitha Koum Institutes's mission is to improve outcomes for at-risk children and their families who live at the Kate Ross government housing neighborhood of South Waco. Not only were students provided the opportunity to purchase immunity by making a donation to Talitha Koum, but they also could choose to donate blood for immunity. Carter Blood Care set up a bus where students could choose instead to donate blood for immunity.

Participation rate was high for both professors and students this quarter. Twenty-two classes participated, providing students plenty of incentive to get involved. Students donated $2475 towards Talitha Koum, and Carter Blood Care collected 39 whole blood units and 2 power reds from students. The total blood collected could potentially save over 117 lives. SBA greatly appreciates all those who made the event possible.
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