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The following selection of white papers, webinars, info sessions, and virtual open houses introduces you to the content, candidates, and experts that make up Baylor Law’s Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management. We invite you to learn more about this innovative program that is designed exclusively for lawyers who aspire to direct effective litigation strategy and advance their career.

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Carolynn Beck

Litigation Partner,
Goldstein & McClintock LLLP
Executive LL.M. Graduate

“If you want to network with some of the most impressive people around the country, have access to and words of wisdom from some very talented, not only faculty members, but also speakers who come to the intensive sessions and really expand and develop your practice as well as learn what is important to potential clients or maybe to outside counsel that you may be hiring, this is a really excellent way to do that.”



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The Baylor R6 Framework for Litigation Management

While the details may vary or be tailored to a specific type of litigation docket, the fundamental framework of litigation management applies broadly to all litigation. Understanding the foundational components of litigation management and customizing them to a specific case or litigation docket provides a sound approach to controlling cost and managing risk. Baylor Law has created this toolkit for litigation management in the first ever Executive LL.M. in the field. The R6 framework, comprised of the Right Way, the Right Plan, the Right Team, the Right Cost, the Right Tools and the Right Result, systematically approaches litigation management, providing all the necessary components for effective and efficient case and docket management.
Seizing the Moment: Focusing on Litigation Management in a Litigation Crisis

COVID-19 has disrupted civil jury trials across the United States. The backlog of civil and criminal cases continues to grow rapidly. This litigation backlog will not suddenly disappear, and litigation will not magically return to a pre-COVID “business as usual.” In this environment, forward-looking clients and attorneys recognize that innovation is both possible and necessary. Outdated definitions of what is “normal” in litigation, even before shelter-in-place altered litigation, failed to produce adequate results at an acceptable cost. The advantage belongs – and will increasingly go – to the attorney, the firm, and the organization that can innovate in the management of litigation.



Thursday, November 10, 2022

Artificial Intelligence & eDiscovery: Current Reality & Future Promise

eDiscovery in civil litigation has driven meaningful technological innovation over the past several decades. As data volumes, types, and sources multiply, lawyers rely on a range of assistive technologies – including artificial intelligence – to manage the eDiscovery process and “cut through the noise” to locate the digital evidence most important to their cases. Join us for a roundtable discussion, as our panel of experts discusses the reality of what works today and what the future may hold as technology improves and makes “storytelling by documents” even more efficient, complete, and cost-effective.


NOVEMBER 10, 2022, 12-1pm (CT)





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