A Critical Need - A Unique Opportunity

Companies are demanding more streamlined processes to handle large volumes of sophisticated and complex litigation. Costs have become unwieldy and are driven by inefficient billing and the rapid increase in pre-trial litigation.

Law firms and clients are rethinking the entire scope of litigation management to leverage technology and gain some measure of legal cost control:

  • Corporations are pressuring general counsel to rein in rampant spending, calling for more predictability and efficiency.
  • General counsel are bringing routine litigation in-house, while demanding more creative alternative fee agreements for the litigation handled by outside counsel.
  • Outside counsel are racing to embrace new business models, new strategies, and new technologies that promise to gain a competitive edge in this rapidly changing market.
  • Personal injury plaintiff lawyers abandoned hourly billing long ago in favor of the shared risk contingency fee which gives many access to justice. Even so, these lawyers must make a cost effectiveness assessment by measuring whether the recoverable damages and likelihood of success justify their time, effort and money. There are also are many individuals and small businesses with legitimate disputes being denied access to justice because litigation costs, when deducted from recovery, leaves little or nothing for the client.
  • And judges, often tasked with managing heavily laden dockets, are looking to attorneys to reduce the inefficiencies that keep the costs climbing.

Expertise and solutions are in short supply. Focusing on innovative and systematic approaches for lowering and controlling litigation costs is developing into a vital discipline for companies and law firms alike. Employers are looking for candidates with specialized litigation management and business backgrounds. And with technology delivering new ways to analyze significantly more data to make quicker, smarter, more cost-effective decisions— there has not been a more opportune time to get involved.

For attorneys looking to direct a litigation portfolio, assume new leadership and management roles, become the go-to resource in litigation strategy, gain a competitive edge, and accelerate their career—this is the time. For companies looking to groom their rising stars to assume command of the strategic litigation complexities that lie ahead—this is the time. For litigation firms looking to retain their best and brightest while adding value through arguably today’s most critical legal skillset—this is the time. And this is the program.

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Pipkin Ferguson
Executive LL.M. Graduate

"Starting the program, I was trying to lead a firm of young lawyers and teach them to do things the right way when I barely had time to focus on doing that myself. The LL.M. has allowed me to take a step back, focus, and start utilizing tools that have helped me shape the attorneys below me and culminated into an even more successful practice."



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Since the program’s inception in Fall 2018, the Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management has provided value to an incredibly diverse group of professionals from all across the legal landscape.

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A Course of Action

This 17-month program is divided into three trimesters, including time for a research project. Full-time lawyers can aggressively complete the program while maintaining their practice due to approximately two-thirds of the course content being provided online. The remaining third takes place at Baylor Law in a series of three intensive campus sessions throughout the calendar year where students dive deeply into cutting-edge strategy, work collaboratively with other candidates, faculty and mentors, and hone strategic skills.


From the fundamentals of litigation planning, strategy and risk management, to electronic discovery, data analytics and the impact of new technology—the program offers a real world, real-results focus on the tactics, tools and techniques that drive successful litigation management.   Read More


Designed to accommodate working attorneys, the Baylor Law Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management program effectively and efficiently gives you the highly valued disciplines, tools, and techniques critical to successful litigation management.  Read More



Baylor Law is now accepting applications for the cohorts starting in Fall 2023 or Spring 2024. Our admissions team is available to answer questions, call 254-271-0454 or apply now.


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