Recent Acquisitions

April 2019

Academic Writing

Scholarly Writing: Ideas, Examples, and Execution, 3rd ed.
Jessica Lynn Wherry and Kristen E. Murray. Carolina Academic Press, c2019.
KF250.C528 2019

Administrative Procedure

A Guide to Federal Agency Rulemaking, 6th ed.
Jeffrey S. Lubbers. ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, c2018.
KF5411.L83 2018

Civil Procedure

Texas Civil Procedure: Trial and Appellate Practice
William V. Dorsaneo III, et al. Carolina Academic Press, c2018.
KFT1730.D67 2018-19 (Reserve)

Clean Hands Doctrine

Judging Equity: The Fusion of Unclean Hands in U.S. Law
T. Leigh Anenson. Cambridge University Press, c2019.
KF8880.A96 2019

Constitutional Law

Justice Scalia: Rhetoric and the Rule of Law
Brian G. Slocum and Francis J. Mootz III, eds. The University of Chicago Press, c2019.
KF8745.S33 J87 2019

Criminal Justice

Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's Thoughts on Crime, Punishment, and the Rule of Law
Preet Bharara. Alfred A. Knopf, c2019.
KF8700.B43 2019

Criminal Procedure

Texas Criminal Procedure, 2nd ed.
Amanda Peters. Wolters Kluwer, c2019.
KFT1775.P48 2019 (Reserve)

Discrimination in Employment

Unequal Profession: Race and Gender in Legal Academia
Meera E. Deo. Stanford University Press, c2019.
KF272.D47 2019

Forensic Neuropsychology

Testimony that Sticks: The Art of Communicating Psychology and Neuropsychology to Juries
Karen Postal. Oxford University Press, c2019.
RA1147.5 .P67 2019

Forensic Psychiatry

Psychiatry in the Everyday Practice of Law: A Lawyer's Manual for Case Preparation and Trial, 5th ed.
Martin Blinder. Thomson Reuters, c2019.
RA1151.B553 2019

International Crimes

The Law of the International Criminal Court, 2nd ed.
Young Sok Kim. William S. Hein & Co., Inc. c2019.
KZ6311.K56 2019


Who is to Judge?: The Perennial Debate over Whether to Elect or Appoint America's Judges
Charles Gardner Geyh. Oxford University Press, c2019.
KF8776.G49 2019

Local Government

Local Government Law, 5th ed. (Hornbook)
Osborne M. Reynolds, Jr. West Academic Publishing, c2019.
KF5300.R49 2019 (Reserve)

Mentally-ill Offenders

Criminal Trials and Mental Disorders
Thomas L. Hafemeister. New York University Press, c2019.
KF9242.H34 2019

Nonprofit Organizations

The Law of Tax-exempt Organizations, 12th ed.
Bruce R. Hopkins. Wiley, c2019.
KF6449.H6 2019

United States Supreme Court

The Company They Keep: How Partisan Divisions Came to the Supreme Court
Neal Devins and Lawrence Baum. Oxford University Press, c2019.
KF8748.D48 2019

Rationing the Constitution: How Judicial Capacity Shapes Supreme Court Decision-making
Andrew Coan. Harvard University Press, c2019.
KF4550.C557 2019

Supreme Court and Appellate Advocacy, 3rd ed.
David C. Frederick. Thomson/West c2019.
KF9057.F73 2019