Rare Book Collection

The majority of the Rare Book Collection was acquired through the generosity of two distinguished members of the legal community: Judge Frank M. Wilson and U.S. Senator William A. Blakley. Judge Wilson donated his private collection of over 2,100 volumes of first editions, rare printings of preeminent legal writing, novels, and research titles. Senator Blakley presented the library with an early printing of the Magna Carta and several other first editions. These gifts, along with the Law School's original collection of rare books, which includes Las Siete Partidas; works by Blackstone, Coke, Littleton, and Bracton; and a nearly complete collection of the session laws of Texas, are housed at the library.

The Rare Book Collection includes many works that are of interest to researchers. One item is an original transcript of Sir Walter Raleigh's treason trial. This transcript was published in a compilation of historic treason trials known as "State Tryals." The Rare Book Room additionally houses a deed written in 1215. The handwriting and terminology of the deed are similar to those found in the Magna Carta. Furthermore, the Rare Book Collection contains two volumes of the "Reports" of Sir Edward Coke, one of England's leading lawyers under four sovereigns. The volumes are beautifully printed in Latin, Norman French, and English on each page.

The Rare Book Collection is located on the second floor of the Law Library in Room 207. Special permission is required to view the materials in the collection. For further information about this collection, please contact the Reference Librarian at 254.710.4587.

Please consult our Rare Book Room Bibliography for further information on materials in this collection.

Leon Jaworski Memorial Office

The Leon Jaworski Memorial Office is located on the second floor of the Law Library in Room 205. Mr. Jaworski graduated from Baylor Law School in 1925 and excelled to the highest ranks of the legal profession. He is most remembered for his role as Special Prosecutor during the Watergate crisis, for his work on the Nazi war crimes trials, and for his commitment to civil rights. The Memorial Office is a near replica of his original law office in the Bank of the Southwest Building in Houston, Texas. All of the furnishings in the office were donated by Mr. Jaworski's wife, Jeanette; their children: Mr. Joseph Jaworski, Mrs. Claire Draper, and Mrs. Joanie Moncrief; and the law firm of Fulbright & Jaworski.

The office is used to conduct interviews through the Career Development Office and for occasional small meetings. Tours may be arranged by contacting the Office of the Dean at Baylor Law at 254.710.1911.