People's Law School 2022 Class Schedule

THIS EVENT IS FULLY ONLINE. NO CLASSES will occur at the Law School building. Recordings of each class will be available at a later date on this page and the Baylor Law YouTube Channel.

All times are Central CST (Waco, TX) on Saturday February 12


9:15 AM to 10:15 AM


Pulling Back the Curtain - Understanding How State Agencies Affect Your Life
Craig Bennett - Senior Counsel, Jackson Walker

State agencies affect the lives of all citizens, but many people do not understand how state agencies act, how they affect citizens' lives, or how citizens can benefit from the work that state agencies do. This class will provide an overview of Texas state agencies, how they work, and how citizens can learn to navigate agency regulations and websites for their benefit.
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Don’t Learn Your Law from the Movies
Robert Little - Director of Advocacy Programs and Lecturer, Baylor Law

Hollywood tends to take a great deal of creative license in portraying the law, which can result in misunderstandings about the law, as well as how trials actually work. Through a series of clips from movies and television shows, the instructor will illustrate what Hollywood gets wrong (and sometimes right) about the law.
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Family Law I - Divorce
Christie Ryan - Ryan Law

The instructor of this course will provide a brief overview of divorce, protective orders, and related issues under Texas law.
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Landlord/Tenant Law
Fernando Villarreal - Justice of the Peace, McLennan County

This course will provide valuable information for both Texas landlords and tenants on the Fair Housing Act, security deposits, the landlord’s responsibility for repairs, and eviction. The instructor will also address how the COVID pandemic has affected the rights of landlords and tenants.

Wills and Estate Planning
James Rainey - Rainey & Rainey Attorneys at Law LP

Everyone should have a will. Students in this course will learn the requirements of a valid will and basic estate planning considerations. The instructor will additionally cover the new SECURE Act as well as special needs children’s trusts.

The U.S. Supreme Court – How it Works
Brad Toben - Dean, Baylor Law

The decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court form much of the legal environment in which Americans live and work. This course will address the processes whereby a matter in litigation can reach the Court for argument and decision, whether the matter is high-profile (such as the recent cases involving COVID mandates, abortion rights, and gun laws), or of lesser interest to the media and the public. Given the retirement of Justice Breyer at the end of the current term, the course also will look at the confirmation process, which itself has often become a matter of intense interest given the high stakes of Supreme Court decision-making.
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10:30 AM to 11:30 AM


City Government 101
Kathy Perdon, Asst. City Attorney, and Clint Peters, Director (Planning) - City of Waco
Josh Borderud - Waco City Council and Director of the Veterans Clinic at Baylor Law

Open Records Act, Open Meetings Act, building permits, zoning notices—city government can be quite mind-boggling. In the course, attendees will have an inside look at city government with an opportunity to understand what your city government does for you, who does what in city government, and how better to work with city officials.
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Consumer Rights and Remedies in Building or Remodeling a Home
David Tekell - Tekell & Tekell, LLP

A consumer’s home is almost always their largest asset. Whether building from the ground up, adding on an addition, or simply updating a kitchen, not knowing your legal rights can result in unforeseen expenses, damages, or even loss of the home. The instructor for this class will provide an overview of the consumer’s rights and remedies as they deal with contractors, lenders, and other parties in these stressful transactions.
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Family Law II: Issues Related to Children
Christie Ryan - Ryan Law

In this course, participants will learn about Texas law regarding child custody and visitation duties and rights, child support, and grandparent's rights.
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Your ‘Side Gig’ - Tax Traps for the Unwary in the Digital Economy
Bob Woodard and Michael Brown - Shareholders, JRBT
Leah Teague - Professor, Baylor Law

The internet allows individuals to engage in business and investment transactions with ease. Whether trading stocks or cryptocurrency, selling homemade items on Etsy, or driving for Uber, these activities have income tax consequence that will be discussed in this course.
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Elder Law
Elisa Rainey - Rainey & Rainey Attorneys at Law LP

This course provides an overview of issues important to senior citizens and those who care about them, including a review of long-term care planning, including Medicaid eligibility.

Carry On - A Basic Primer of Texas Gun Law
Marilea Lewis and Hunter Lewis - Duffee + Eitzen

Knowing and understanding the legalities of carrying a firearm in Texas is paramount to all Texas citizens. This presentation will explore a basic primer of Texas gun laws and right to carry/licensure with a special focus on the second amendment.
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11:45 AM to 12:45 PM


Specialty Courts - How They Work and Why We Need Them?
Judge Gary Coley - McLennan County Veterans Treatment Court
Judge Vik Deivanayagam - McLennan County DWI/Drug Court
Judge David Hodges - McLennan County Mental Health Court

Three specialty courts (Veterans Treatment Court, DWI/Drug Court, and Mental Health Treatment Court) were created in McLennan County to administer programs to address issues of mental illness, trauma, and substance abuse. In this course, local judges will describe the work of these courts to partner with local agencies and offer treatment as an alternative to incarceration within the criminal justice system for qualified defendants.

Chris Jaeger - Assistant Professor, Baylor Law
Matt Porter - Mediation and Volunteer Coordinator, Dispute Resolution Center

Mediation is often a constructive and cost-effective method for resolving disputes. This course provides an introduction to the mediation process—what it is, how it works, and why it can provide an appealing alternative to litigation. The course will also discuss Dispute Resolution Centers and local resources for mediation and training.
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Texas Community Property - What Is It and How to Protect It
Jeanine Rispoli - Rispoli Law Firm, PLLC

This course is for individuals who want to have a better understanding of Texas community property. What determines whether something is community property or separate property? Can a premarital agreement change the nature of the property? What about post-marital agreements? This course will provide a general overview of the law in this area.
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Starting Your Business
Allen Page - Assistant Professor, Baylor Law
Jon Passavant - CEO, StartUp Waco

This course provides information for those planning on starting a business, particularly Texas entrepreneurs, including the difference between sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations and tips to avoid legal pitfalls.
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Top Scams During the COVID Pandemic
Connie Nichols - Professor, Baylor Law

Invariably, scam artists around the country and the world look for new ways to take advantage of the disruption and uncertainty caused by a disaster. The presenter of this course will provide tips to avoid becoming a victim and address what to if one is scammed.
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Know Your Rights
Tycha Kimbrough - Kimbrough Legal, PLLC

This course will provide valuable information on your constitutional rights as an activist or everyday person to build awareness of what to expect from interactions with law enforcement.
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