Admissions Policies

Admission to the law school is based upon the applicant’s perceived ability to succeed in law school and in the practice of law and upon the applicant's potential contributions to the law school community and to the profession.

Academic ability (as demonstrated by the cumulative undergraduate grade point average and LSAT scores) is an important criterion for admission. However, each application is reviewed holistically, and many factors are considered. These factors are found in the personal statement, letters of recommendation, résumé, optional statement(s), and interview notes and are extremely important in the decision-making process.

These additional factors include (but are not limited to) an applicant's motivation to study law; past work experience and future career objectives; evidence of academic achievement, leadership, and responsibility; community involvement; the applicant's educational, social, and economic background; the applicant's record of overcoming adversity; and any special skills or training, such as bilingual language skills, advocacy skills, or scientific or technical training. The Committee is particularly interested in learning about any aspect of the applicant's background that would allow him or her to distinctively enrich the law school environment and alumni community.

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